2020. 10.


Novel synaptic labeling method using actin is published in ACS nano by collaboration!

2020. 12


The calcium regulatory roles of mitochondria in neurodegenerative diseases are introduced in this review.

2019. 06. 14.


Congratulations again! Changuk got the best presentation award at Neurodevelopment meeting in Chun-Cheon.

2019. 01.

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Congratulations! Changuk got a travel award from Keystone symposia!

2018. 10. 25.

Kudos! Hyunsu won the best poster award at BSI symposium!

2018. 10. 19

The importance of presynaptic mitochondrial size is unveiled by us!

2018. 01.

ER-mitochondria tethering study is recommended by F1000 members!

2017. 11. 03

ER-mitochondria tethering study is introduced in Science Perspective!

2017. 11. 03.

PDZD8 study is published in Science.